Dominant grape varieties


Alvarinho, Arinto (Pedernã), Avesso, Azal, Batoca (Alvaraça), Loureiro, Trajadura (Treixadura)


Alvarelhão (Brancelho), Amaral, Borraçal, Espadeiro, Padeiro, Pedral, Rabo de Anho and Vinhão

Vinhos Verdes

A different region, where the green of the vineyards and the Vinho Verde reveal themselves

Originating in an area of lush, undulating green – the area between Douro and Minho – it is the many shades of green that give the Region its name and constitute the land that gives these wines their personality and unique characteristics.

With microclimates, native grape varieties and variations in soil types, the Vinhos Verdes Region produces a great diversity of wines: light wines that harmonise perfectly with light dishes, but also elegant and aromatic Vinhos Verdes, ideal for fish and seafood dishes, and structured and rich Vinhos Verdes that surprise when accompanied by dishes rich in spices and strong flavours. The unusual vineyards, with vines intertwined in trees or pergolas, are concentrated along the river valleys, on granite and fertile soils.

Along the 49 municipalities that cover northwestern Portugal, when you travel the Vinho Verde Route, you can enjoy beaches and mountains, valleys and rivers and a unique landscape where green, which gives its name to the wine, is the dominant colour.

World Heritage Cities and a valuable collection of monuments from various eras are, in themselves, a reason to visit.

Tradition and modernity in the culture and production of Vinho Verde combine to provide moments of pleasure in modern, secular or family-run farms, where hospitality will not fail to delight visitors.

Combine the freshness of Vinho Verde, red or white wine, with a tour through the rivers, waterfalls and small villages of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Visit the welcoming towns of Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca and find refuge in an 18th-century manor house or a country house, which are recognisable by their use of characteristic granite. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the wine in one of the producing farms.

The history of Portugal has its roots in this wine region. It was in Guimarães, a World Heritage city, that D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first king (12th century) was born and, in Braga, a visit to the Sé of medieval origin, the oldest in the country, is a must in a city that continues to be an important religious centre.

Due to their antiquity in this region and the fact that they only appeared in northwestern Iberia, there are many castes that are considered autochthonous. With the 45 grape varieties permitted for Vinho Verde, producers can give free rein to their creativity. In some wines, they show the typicity of a single grape variety. In others, they create intriguing harmonies from various grape varieties, thus expanding the light and fresh style of Vinho Verde to other dimensions. Examples of different flavours and aromas are the Azal and Loureiro castes that give rise to aromatic and elegant white wines, while Avesso provides more intense and fuller wines and Alvarinho originates complex and structured white wines.


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Discover the experiences that Vinho Verde region has to offer


Culture, Wine and Food of Northern Portugal

Discover the differences between the Minho region's vinho verde wines and enjoy the culture, gastronomy, beautiful historical cities and scenery.


Bicycle Tour in the Vinho Verde Region

For individuals or groups, a week on a bicycle to discover the Vinho Verde wine region, with accommodation in wine estates and small hotels, on a touring or electric bicycle.


Discovering organic and biodynamic wines

For individuals or groups, a 3-day experience to discover the production of organic and biodynamic wines in the Vinho Verde wine region. And delight yourself with the beautiful Minho province!


Wine Tasting and visit to Soalheiro

Visiting the vineyard, winery and wine tasting with a view to the Alvarinho valley at Soalheiro, first Alvarinho brand in Melgaço and international benchmark for Alvarinho and Vinho Verde.


Casa de Cello – Wine Tours and Tastings

Casa de Cello is a family-run business dedicated to the winemaking for 4 generations.As an independent winegrower, Casa de Cello only makes wines with its own grapes, monitoring the process from the vineyard to the finished bottles. Our wines are certified in sustainable farming.


Classic Wine Tasting - Quinta de Santa Cristina

Guided tour to the vineyards and the winery + wine tasting of 3 Quinta de Santa Cristina wines paired with regional products.


Aveleda Escape Garden – The lost bottle

The Aveleda Escape Garden is the first outdoor escape game experience in the world. Developed around the history of the family Guedes da Aveleda, it is an innovative and dynamic way to educate about wine, focusing on those produced at Quinta da Aveleda.


Walking Trail and Wine Tasting

Nature walks overlooking the Douro River and wine tasting with regional appetisers

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