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Organic and biodynamic wines. New trends in the Vinho Verde wine region

Your experience into the world of organic and biodynamic winemaking in Portugal will be in the Minho Province of the North of Portugal, home of the world famous Vinho Verde wine where you will stay on a local winemaking estate.

You will discover this unique wine that stands out for being crisp, elegant and light, and for the fruity and floral notes of the delicate aromas and flavours. With the wine, the local cuisine offers a world of unique flavours and dishes.


Beginning in Melgaço, a small, ancient town located at the very northernmost extremity of the country, land of the finest Alvarinho wines, you will have an opportunity to visit one of the most notable producers of organic Alvarinho wine in the region. Later, on a Quinta, a property belonging to a member of the ancient local aristocracy, you will be introduced to the practice of biodynamic agriculture as applied to winemaking, whereby the wine is made with holistic procedures that are based on a profound understanding of the natural relationships that exist between the various ecosystems and the influence that the universal cosmos has on these.

As you travel throughout the Minho, you cannot fail to be charmed by the beauty of ancestral towns such as Ponte de Lima, the most ancient town in Portugal, and Viana do Castelo, a major harbour under the Romans, cradle of notable Portuguese discoverers and traders, its wealth of elegant medieval architecture and capital of Portuguese folklore.


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