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31 March to 3 April

  • Porto
  • Discovery Discovery

Essence of Wine 2022

The event, which marks the wine calendar, celebrates 15 years of life and will bring to Porto around 3000 wines from 400 producers across the country, continuing to focus on its international dissemination to increase the visibility of Portuguese labels across borders.


22 to 24 April

  • Melgaço
  • Discovery Discovery

Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro de Melgaço

The Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro de Melgaço (FAFM) began in 1995 by presenting itself as a display of local products for local populations. Over the years and as the data demonstrate unequivocally, FAFM has become a nationally recognized festival.


28 August to 11 September

  • Funchal
  • Discovery Discovery

Madeira Wine Fest 2022

Take part in the festival that's dedicated to one of the most famous products from Madeira island.