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Delicate and aromatic wines in a region of mineral waters

The Dão and Lafões wine region is surrounded by mountains that give it a particular climate and are a natural shelter for the vines, grown in multiple plots with small areas, sometimes surrounded by pine forests. In its long history, it is said that Dão wine was served at the feasts organised by Prince Henry, the Navigator, in Viseu, before the Portuguese left to conquer Ceuta, in 1415. It was also appreciated by Europeans in the 19th century, at a time when phylloxera was decimating most wine-growing regions, but had not yet affected Portuguese vineyards.

Choose Viseu as the centre of a journey to discover the farms, vineyards and wineries located between four mountain ranges – Buçaco, Caramulo, Nave and Serra da Estrela – and three rivers – Dão, Mondego and Alva. In between, the mountain villages and the river beaches will be points of relaxation in a region where the memory of the Lusitanian people and their resistance to the advance of the Roman troops in the Iberian Peninsula is kept. Be sure to visit the Viriato cave and explore the welcoming city of Viseu.

Try the gastronomic specialities with Dão wines, such as roast kid, sausages or the tasty buttery Serra da Estrela cheese. The lightness of the Lafões wines, in which the white wines stand out, makes them ideal for savouring the traditional roast veal of Lafões.

It is a region abundant in water springs, which perhaps influences the freshness of the wines! The region’s thermal properties are renowned.

Close to Viseu, the thermal springs of Alcafache, Sangemil, São Pedro do Sul and Carvalhal are very popular for their natural beauty and their health and wellness programmes.


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© Emanuele Siracusa, Turismo Centro de Portugal

© Turismo Centro de Portugal

© Emanuele Siracusa, Turismo Centro de Portugal

© Emanuele Siracusa, Turismo Centro de Portugal

© Emanuele Siracusa, Turismo Centro de Portugal

© Emanuele Siracusa, Turismo Centro de Portugal

© João Silva

Local Tip

Dão, uma janela aberta para Portugal

by Diogo Rocha

Dão, vinhas fartas por entre verdes campos, serras e vales, rios e riachos, encontros de vozes, gentes, vontades e querenças, terras generosas e almas francas.

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Vintage car ride throught the breathtaking Dão

Explore all the charm of this region in a classic car! The elegance of the Dão wines rises to another level when we go back in time.


A Meal at Paço dos Cunhas de Santar

"Founded in 1990 in Dão, under the name Dão Sul, with the aim to become the largest company in the one of the oldest wine regions in Portugal, Dão. Having acheived thoses goals, they left for other dreams, other adventures, other regions and other countries"


Cycling in the Dão Region

The Dão Eco-Path connects the municipalities of Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dão. The former railway line of Dão region is certainly one of the most beautiful eco-paths in the country!


Santar Garden Village

Santar is a wonderful and aristocratic village in the Dão region. With a heart of granite and noble buildings, behind these walls are terraced gardens.

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