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The oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the world

Originally, the Douro Valley was one of the most rugged regions of the territory. However, the landscape has been sculpted by man over time, shaping it into terraces, which defy the gravity of the steep slopes where the vines are planted. For its authenticity, beauty and monumentality, the Douro wine region was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

World Heritage is also the historical centre of Porto, a city that identifies Portugal’s history, where the best wine experience of the same name can be enjoyed by the river, on a terrace, visiting the wineries or on a cruise on the Douro.

The river takes us to Alto Douro Vinhateiro, a region demarcated in 1756 by the visionary Marquis of Pombal, in the service of King José I. It is the oldest Demarcated and Regulated Region in the world. At that time, the vineyards were registered, the wines were classified and viticultural processes were established, resulting in a set of pioneering best practices for the sector.

Port wine, with about three centuries of presence in the world market, is positioned as one of the best and most emblematic wines in the world, present in over 100 countries. On the contrary, the history of Douro wine is very recent, but no less interesting. The recognition of its quality is reflected in the successive increase of exports over the last 10 years.

It is one of the richest regions in terms of autochthonous grape varieties, with an extensive area of old vines that give a unique flavour to the wine produced there.

In the production of Port Wine, several grape varieties are always used that complement each other, in which some bring aroma to the wine, others have more structure and, others, acidity; some add ageing potential and, others, elegance. This multiplicity of grape varieties gives Port Wine its unique characteristics and distinguishes it from other wine regions, where there is a dominant grape variety.

In the Douro Demarcated Region there are more than 115 grape varieties authorised for the production of Port Wine and Douro DOC wine. These are native grape varieties, adapted to different climate situations. Currently, in new plantations a smaller number of grape varieties have been chosen for their particular characteristics.

Combine moments of tasting with discovering the heritage. The beauty and spirit of the region inspired writers like Miguel Torga and Eça de Queiroz, whose houses you can visit. Thousands of years earlier, the valley would also have inspired the authors of the cave engravings of Foz Coa, classified by UNESCO, which can be seen in the museum or on guided tours. The itinerary is completed by stopping at riverside towns such as Pinhão or Régua, climbing to the impressive viewpoints over the dramatic landscape of the valley and staying at the producing farms, where the wine is the perfect host.


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