Local Tips

There are details that don't come in books and that are kindly shared by those in the know. Discover our local tips.

Local Tip

A gastronomic adventure in the Algarve

by Fernando Melo

There have been veritable quantum leaps in my Algarve history, and I have no hesitation in choosing the discovery of the fabulous Barrocal as the most extraordinary of all those I hold dear to my heart.

Local Tip

Alentejo is a land of bread and wine, of olive oil, of cork

by António Maçanita

The Alentejo is a land of bread and wine, of olive oil, of cork, among many other things. It's not one of those wine regions where you only see vines! And that is so great! We have sun and soil in abundance, it is water that is lacking and it is water that dictates the occupation of the territory.

Local Tip

Talha Wine

by Ruben e António Honrado

Talha wine: a natural, genuine wine, produced through a handcrafted process in clay pots (Talhas) and which transmits, through its unique flavour, the history, culture, and tradition of our origins.

Local Tip

Diogo Beja's recommendations to experience Tagus Wines

by Diogo Beja

The return to the roots, the reunion spot and the true enthusiasm of a glass of Tejo wine

Local Tip

Dão, an open window to Portugal

by Diogo Rocha

Dão, abundant vineyards among green fields, mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, meetings of voices, people, wills and wishes, generous lands and open souls.

Local Tip

The Algarve of the beach, good aromas and flavours

by José Miguel Dentinho

One of the great advantages of a more intense life on the beach is that it works up an appetite. And in the Algarve there’s plenty of seafood to satisfy it.