Largo do Paço de Santar

Largo do Paço de Santar
3520-127 Santar
Telephone: +351 914 832 901

Meal at Paço dos Cunhas de Santar

Set in a beautiful 17th century building, Paço dos Cunhas (16km away from Viseu, in the region of the Dão Wines) was restored by Global Wines enterprise, becoming one of the most prestigious wine tourism units in Portugal.

The renovation project is signed by Portuguese architect Pedro Mateus. Here you will find the perfect balance between tradition and modernity in an environment full of comfort. Paço dos Cunhas de Santar organises regular wine workshops, show-cooking activities and visits to Casa de Santar wine cellars.

Here you can taste the famous CABRIZ: It is the leading brand in Dão and the best-selling brand in the world in this region.


Cabriz with a history that begins in Dão, on a journey through the lands, hills and people, presenting a broad portfolio that seeks to serve all segments and moments of consumption, but always following the same principle: to provide wines with a great relationship in quality and price.

From perfect everyday wines to more premium wines such as white and red Reserva. Cabriz also offers wines that follow the latest consumer trends, with two organic wines (white and red) and two varieties of the famous Touriga Nacional do Dão.

The brand’s portfolio is complete with a variety of sparkling wines – characteristics of the brand and the region – and a limited production fortified wine


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