Santar Vila Jardim

Avenida Viscondessa de Taveiro
3520-127 Nelas
Telephone: +351 232 942 937

A unique project that united wills

In the heart of the Dão demarcated region, after tasting and visiting the wines of Santar, the Santar Garden Village is a unique project worth visiting.

Santar Garden Village is a unique project in Center of Portugal, founded by the Vasconcellos and Sousa family, heir to House of the Counts of Santar and Magalhães.


In 2013, the family decided to bet on preserving and valuing its material and immaterial heritage with a pioneering project in Portugal, and made a partnership with other noble houses of the village of Santar, including Santa Casa da Misericórdia.

Set in a wine-producing region, the village of Santar has the uniqueness of being crossed by continuous garden terraces: Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães, Casa da Magnólia, Garden of Mercy Church, Linhares Garden, Casa Ibérico Nogueira, Casa das Fidalgas, among others, offering a view over vineyard gardens that strongly shape the spirit of the place and the local way of living.

The project consists in dignifying and valuing this uniqueness that can be witnessed on every corner. Visitors can be guided across its secrets, alndscapes and multiple charms. Under the supervision of landscape architect Fernando Caruncho, intervention strategies were defined to foster connection between the spaces.

Santar Vila Jardim is an innovative unique project driven by the goal of strengthening the identity of the landscape and to tell a story: visiting Santar, an historic village, through its gardens.


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