Diogo Rocha

He discovered his passion for cooking early on. He took a course in Cuisine and Pastry, a bachelor’s degree in Food Production and Catering and a Master's Degree in Management and Sustainability in Tourism. From Urgeiriça, Canas de Senhorim, he was born on 31 July 1983 and has integrated projects such as Dão Sul/Global Wines, where he became executive head of the entire group and won the "Best Wine Tourism of the Year" award, in the year Paço dos Cunhas de Santar was opened, by Revista de Vinhos magazine.
In 2013, he joined Celso de Lemos' group, opening Mesa de Lemos, as executive chef. Nature and the preservation of the purest state of the products are the premises that guarantee the high quality of his cuisine. In 2015, he receives the Revelation of the Year Award, granted by the BCBM guide, also winning the Garfo de Ouro (Golden Fork) from 2016 to 2021. In 2017, Revista de Vinhos magazine considered Mesa de Lemos "Restaurant of the Year". In 2020, he was awarded as the "Chef of the Year". In 2019, he won his first Michelin star and is the author of the books "Hoje Diogo Rocha", "Queijaria do Chef" and "Mãe Hoje é bacalhau à Chef Diogo Rocha".

Dão, an open window to Portugal

Dão, abundant vineyards among green fields, mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, meetings of voices, people, wills and wishes, generous lands and open souls.

Legends, tales and sayings, blessed lives, in the heart of Beira, crossing the Douro, almost reaching the coast, it is a land capable of supplying the most formidable gastronomy, as here nature is prodigious and endless. The goats climb the mountains, the cows roam the hills and all together we will soften the generosity of a pure land, capable of giving us the finest recipes and watering them with the most sensitive nectars.

Dão is an open window over this Portugal that has the best of its pantry in this part of Beira, decorated with genisteae, carqueja, red pine mushrooms, wild mushrooms and rosemary. Ancestral knowledge gathered by agile, rough and generous hands where there is bread and wine on the linen, it’s a day of pilgrimage, it’s a day of celebration, it’s a day of living and finding such a beautiful authenticity.

At the table and toasting to the sympathy, that here life runs to the taste of the calmness of time and the kitchen is a lady who shows all she has: colours, smells, flavours, aromas and tastes. Bring bread and hams, cheese and olives, tinkle with the Dão wine that goes so well with good cooking, contemplate the verdant terraces, villages and, from up high, the Sunday oven roasting. A plentiful table to celebrate customs and traditions, to feed the gluttonous, to seduce the curious. And open the salting-tub, bring bran and lamb, sausages and black pudding, sing the praises of the land, praise its fruits because Dão is the sun on the threshing-floor and rain on the turnip-root, that even spare ribs and sausages is made into a dish, a feast, a feast made into a delicacy.

Dão is this porch facing the Beira, pieces of so many geographies, immense Portugal where we marry the table, the head and the stomach because life is nothing more than a communion, of people with the land, the heritage nurtured, the gastronomy enriched, the cuisine tasted, the culture generous as the land can also be eaten, tasted, desired.

With the certainty that, in the Dão, there is everything.

Explore the region

Discover the experiences that Dão region has to offer


Boat Trip by Portas de Ródão

In the passage of the Tagus River through Vila Velha de Ródão, you will find the Portas de Ródão, which are distinguished by their exposure and natural beauty. It is in this protected area of regional scope that you´ll find many of the regions natural beauty, highlighting the biodiversity of fauna, avifauna and flora.


Vintage car ride throught the breathtaking Dão

Explore all the charm of this region in a classic car! The elegance of the Dão wines rises to another level when we go back in time.


A Meal at Paço dos Cunhas de Santar

"Founded in 1990 in Dão, under the name Dão Sul, with the aim to become the largest company in the one of the oldest wine regions in Portugal, Dão. Having acheived thoses goals, they left for other dreams, other adventures, other regions and other countries"


Cycling in the Dão Region

The Dão Eco-Path connects the municipalities of Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dão. The former railway line of Dão region is certainly one of the most beautiful eco-paths in the country!


Santar Garden Village

Santar is a wonderful and aristocratic village in the Dão region. With a heart of granite and noble buildings, behind these walls are terraced gardens.