Diogo Beja

Diogo Beja was born in the Ribatejo town of Santarém, in 1979. A radio presenter for Rádio Comercial, he is also a father and future husband. An amateur podcaster and videographer, he appreciates both wine and life.
He started out at Rádio Piranha at the age of 15 and worked for a few other radio stations in Ribatejo. He studied at Técnico, but quickly left computer engineering to play with buttons. He won a casting to work at Rádio Comercial, and also worked at Antena 3, but in 2015, the prodigal son returns home and, since then, he presents "Já Se Faz Tarde" alongside Joana Azevedo. The programme is already six years old and is still a success.
He has also done television, as in Curto Circuito or Cabaret da Coxa. He is a radio professor (master) and we could say that the diaphragm is his passion - that of the camera lens and of breathing, to have a great voice.

Diogo Beja's recommendations to experience Tagus Wines

Living in Lisbon since I was 18, I miss home immensely and if there’s one thing I really enjoy, it’s spending as much time as possible with my family, close to them. Life goes fast.

I cherish the Ribatejo region in my heart. The feeling of freedom and security that it gave me, the discovery of alternative paths and trails, which I travelled with friends in a kind of adventure like in a TV show, are some of the best memories I keep and carry with me.

Tagus wines have helped me get over my homesickness for the region where I was born and grew up. Nowadays, understanding the dynamism and the will of the Tagus Regional Winegrowing Commission to reach out to more consumers and being able to find a connection to my land, my roots and the meeting point with my family through a glass of wine generates a particular enthusiasm and makes me feel very good.

These days, which are a little crazy, I often try to return to my roots in Ribatejo and I inevitably end up looking for Tagus wines, which options are endless. In winter, or when it’s cold, there are a thousand red wines to choose from; if we’re lucky with the weather, there’s no shortage of terraces or wonderful balconies where we can savour the fresh Tagus whites and rosés.

Nowadays, Fernão Pires is one of the grape varieties of excellence in the region and one of the ones I’ve been looking for the most. It takes me back to the origins, brings back memories.

The desire to return to my family and spend another afternoon chatting in the street, until the sunlight begins to fade, grows. With a glass of wine in my hand. From the Tagus, of course!

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"Founded in 1990 in Dão, under the name Dão Sul, with the aim to become the largest company in the one of the oldest wine regions in Portugal, Dão. Having acheived thoses goals, they left for other dreams, other adventures, other regions and other countries"


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