Ruben e António Honrado

Ruben Miguel Belbute Honrado, 30 years old
António Inácio Caetano Honrado, 52 years old
The production of Honrado wine is the result of a family project between father and son with a range of skills very different from each other, but which complement each other. Ruben Honrado, the son, a great lover of design and marketing who has travelled the world in a quest for personal development, has had the opportunity over recent years to come into contact and live with other cultures, which has allowed him to open horizons and explore other ways of thinking; and António Honrado, his father, manager of the famous restaurant Restaurante Típico País das Uvas and producer of carved wine for over 20 years, who is very proud of his humble origins in Alentejo, and everything that these lands have taught him over so many years of history.
The father, who one day hoped to take his wine beyond the borders of the Alentejo, allied with his son, and so "Talha" wine was born - a product that despite having a rejuvenated and differentiated image, presents as its fundamental dogma the respect for the history, culture, and tradition of the Alentejo.

Talha Wine

In one of the most beautiful journeys in the history of food, with the creative and inventive ability of those who subjected the grapes to the first winemaking experiments in clay pots, wine was born eight thousand years ago on the initiative of the peoples of Georgia and Armenia.

The history of mankind is intertwined with the history of vines and wine in the Mediterranean basin and, in the first century BC, vines were spread to the Alentejo by the Romans, who brought with them not only grapes, but also the winemaking methods acquired from the Northern Caucasus.

Thus, what we now call Talha wine emerged: a natural, genuine wine, produced through a handcrafted process in clay pots (Talhas) and which transmits the history, culture, and tradition of our origins through its unique flavour.

Honrado Vineyards strongly recommends a visit to Vila de Frades, where you can experience first-hand all the history of “Vinho de Talha”.

A unique enogastronomic experience, based on the wine and the dozens of family wineries scattered throughout the village, but also on the pure gastronomy and its people, who so proudly embrace their traditions with an authenticity quite characteristic of these rural areas of Portugal.

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