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Guided Tour & Tasting of 3 Unique Moscatel de Setúbal: Alambre 20 and 40 Years and Trilogia (blend of 1900, 1934 and 1965)

Founded over 180 years ago, José Maria da Fonseca is one of the leaders in the production of table and fortified wines in Portugal, with its brands present in over 70 countries.

This success comes from the enormous human and material investment and the constant capacity for renewal throughout its history. Currently, in the seventh generation, it has been able to preserve a precious heritage without neglecting modernization, meeting the demanding standards of today’s consumers.

The guided tour begins at the Manor House with a brief explanation of the company’s history, followed by a visit to the old wineries: Adega da Mata and Adega dos Teares Novos, where the Periquita wine, and others, ages, and the Adega dos Teares Velhos, where the oldest Moscatels of Setúbal rest, some of which are authentic relics over 100 years old.

Moscatel de Setúbal is a fortified wine with Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC), recognized since 1907. This fortified wine is made from the Moscatel grape variety, which is a type of grape that stands out for its fruity character, with a tropical fruit aroma. The vintages that make up this blended wine are aged in used oak barrels until the bottling date.

In the case of Moscatel Alambre 20 years, it is a blend of 6 vintages in which the youngest vintage is at least 20 years old and the oldest dates from 1911, resulting in a complex, aromatic, elegant wine with a long aftertaste.

Part of the annual production of Moscatel de Setúbal is destined for longer aging in used wooden casks, which can be visited at the Adega dos Teares Velhos, during the guided tour of the Casa Museu.

At the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the most exclusive and awarded Moscatel from José Maria da Fonseca: Alambre 20 years, Alambre 40 years, and Trilogia (blend from 1900, 1934 and 1965).
When visiting our Wine Shop, you can also choose a wine for that special occasion and complement it with regional gourmet products.
You can also end your visit with a meal in our Wine Corner restaurant, integrated in the Casa Museu, where you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience among wines and regional flavors.

Come and discover the essence of a family of wines with nearly 200 years of history!


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