You can easily find us next to Cais de Gaia

Rua do Choupelo, 39
Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto,
Portugal 4400-088
Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm (last entry)
Telephone: (+351) 220 121 200

Did you know that Portugal is the world leader in cork production?

The cork museum is one of the most sought after by families with children because it is very educational, but also very interactive. You will be welcomed by a replica of a giant cork oak and by the sounds and images of the ecosystem that surrounds it. Embrace Nature, understand the magic behind this 100% vegetal and highly sustainable material. Portugal is the largest producer of cork on the planet, being responsible for over 50% of global production and taking advantage of 730 hectares of forest.

Planet Cork shows how the cork oaks are stripped of their bark and how the huge slabs are transformed into wine and sparkling wine corks. We thus move from the field environment to the factory environment, and then review all the applications of cork in our daily lives, and this takes us on a tour of the world’s architecture, interior design, NASA rockets, and McNamara’s surfboard. The discoveries are numerous, sometimes even unusual, and often amusing. In the end, the conclusion will be only one: cork is a wonderful world.


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