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Herdade de Torre de Palma
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Wine Harvest at Torre de Palma

Respecting the Roman roots at Torre de Palma, we celebrate wine in the “Lusitania”, as in the Roman period.

The “vinalia rustica” marks the beginning of the harvest in August and it ends in the end of September, celebrating the “meditrinalia”, the date on which the wine must is consecrated. During the weeks of the harvest, participants will spend a day in the vineyard, participate in the harvest, and in the winery can learn more about the vineyards and grape varieties, choose the best grapes, and taste the wines.

We invite you to be part of one of the oldest traditions in Torre de Palma. In this special program, we have prepared for you an immersive experience in wine culture with the opportunity to taste the flavors of Alentejo in Basilii.


Wines Around the FireThis 2-night program includes:

1st day:
Special Welcome at Torre de Palma;
Special dinner at our PALMA Restaurant with selected drinks.

2nd day:
Breakfast with regional products;
Welcome to Torre de Palma Harvest and delivery of the harvest kit;
Visit the vineyards to know the grape varieties and make the manual harvest of the grape;
Selection of the best grapes on the sorting table;
Visit the winery with must tasting or Torre de Palma wine tasting;
Free time to enjoy other activities (not included in the suggested program).

3rd day:
Breakfast with regional products;

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