Adega Regional de Colares

Alameda Coronel Linhares de Lima, nº 32,
2705-351 Colares
Telephone: +351 219 291 210

Discover Colares wine on a tram ride

Colares, reclining on two hills in the Serra de Sintra, is a region demarcated since 1908 where the famous Colares wine is produced, with a velvety flavour.

A wine that needs at least 18 months to reach the right point to be consumed, which makes it a true relic for its appreciators.


With low alcohol content, it can be kept in the bottle for many years. Suggested route for one day: Tram | Regional Winery of Colares | Wine Tasting | Lunch in Colares | Tram | Walking tour between Estefânia and the Historical Center | Typical pastry tasting | Sintra’s National Palace (Palácio Nacional de Sintra).

To get to Sintra, you must use your own car or the train. Important note: contact the Regional Winery of Colares (Adega Regional de Colares) in advance to book a visit and wine tasting.


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