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Which true wine lover has never dreamed of making their own wine?

Have you ever dreamed of making your own wine? At Quinta dos Vales it is possible. “The Winemaker Experience” is an experience that allows wine lovers to become real wine producers, with a private vineyard. This programme includes guidance and advice throughout the production process in our winery, encouraging participants to make their own wine according to their own preferences. This ensures that our private winemakers make their decisions based on our experience and knowledge as producers, without added concerns.

In this experience you have the opportunity to choose the grape variety, choose when to harvest, choose the blend, basically, choose everything.


Buying an integrated vineyard plot in an award-winning winery is a creative solution with a double benefit: you have full control of your own wine production, without the responsibility of having to manage a winery.

The vineyard plots are adjusted in size in order to obtain a barrel of wine, 225 litres. This volume is the crucial point of the project as it allows the experience to be totally worry-free, as the participants do not have to worry about having to sell their wine.

Besides this unique experience of planting your own vineyard and obtaining your own nectar, Quinta dos Vales has a small resort of holiday homes available for purchase, “The Vines”. If you invest in both, you will have the opportunity to enjoy, on your own terrace, the view over your private vineyard while sipping your own wine.

Most of our private winemakers begin with the Blends Workshop, a 3-hour experience during which we present the science as well as the art behind blending different grape varieties.


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