Quinta da Murta

Estrada Velha do Boição, nº 300
2670-632 Bucelas, Portugal
Telephone: +351 210 155 190 / +351 932 857 750

Bucelas, terroir do Arinto - Quinta da Murta

A region demarcated by decree in 1911, the only one in Portugal exclusively for white wines, which due to their unique characteristics have enjoyed fame that has lasted through the centuries.

They were appreciated by kings, dukes, military men and playwrights, being present on the tables of thousands of Portuguese citizens… and others.


With the French Invasions, Bucelas wine became known at the English court, when it was offered by the Duke of Wellington, then commander of the Anglo-Portuguese troops against the Napoleonic army, to King George III of England. Located 25 km north of Lisbon, Bucelas’ Arinto grape variety has an eclectic potential, allowing it to produce not only exceptional table wines but also sparkling and late harvest wines.

Freshness, acidity and minerality distinguish the characteristics of these wines, which have a citrus colour and fruity aroma and flavour. They are dry, light wines with great ageing potential.

To discover this historic region, we suggest you start your visit at the Bucelas Wine and Vine Museum (Museu do Vinho e da Vinha de Bucelas), which includes the Interpretative Centre of the Lines of Torres (Centro Interpretativo das Linhas de Torres), introducing the historical connection between this wine-growing region and the Fortresses of the Lines of Torres. Continue to the wine producer Quinta da Murta, where you will learn about the production, aromas and flavours of this wonderful nectar.

Nearby, you can enjoy the exuberant landscape and imagine the effort made by men and women to defend this territory, ending the visit at the Ajuda Grande Fort (Forte da Ajuda Grande), an example of the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres

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