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Douro International, Wildlife reserve, monumental cliffs and altitude wines

Explore by car, as a group, or as a hike tour, the splendour of the most remote mountainous region in Portugal along the Douro River: the Douro International Natural Park!

Altitude wonderful wines, landscapes of monumental cliffs, natural sanctuaries, majestic birds of prey hovering over the river, towns that have preserved their ancestral traditions, vineyards, olive and almond groves, are the great markers of this itinerary.

The Natural Park covers a vast 86,500 hectares along the Spanish border and the Douro River whose rough waters wind their way between spectacular cliffs which rise as much 350 metres high.


One of Europe’s most important wildlife reserves in Europe, the region harbours several species of birds threatened with extinction both nationally and internationally: Egyptian vultures (symbol of the park), golden eagles, Bonelli eagles, griffons (the largest European vulture) and black storks.

Starting at Miranda do Douro, a historic, monumental and cultural town, your journey through the Natural Park will take you to the heights of the spectacular cliffs and to typical villages such as Picote and Sendim, rich in handcrafts and traditions.

Olive oil, almonds, wine, figs, Mirandesa cattle and Miranda donkeys are all part of the agricultural activities of this enchanting region. In a sheltered valley, you will come across the largest plantation of juniper trees in Europe.

The regional cuisine, based on local produce, will be an outstanding experience.

Is included a visit to a small boutique winery from Trás-os-Montes wine region and taste its wines, accompanied by specialties from the local cuisine.


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