31 March to 3 April

  • Porto
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Palácio da Bolsa, Porto

R. de Ferreira Borges
4050-253 Porto
Telephone: +351 222 088 499
E-mail: info@essenciadovinho.com


Essence of Wine 2022

The programme is attended by over one hundred experts and importers from various countries, who will be in direct contact with the producers present, promoting business opportunities and increasing the notoriety of Portuguese wines in their respective markets of origin.

The 15th edition of “Essência Do Vinho”, in Porto, also has the Top 10 Portuguese Wines, one of the most significant annual tastings, bringing together the selection of the labels with the highest score of the Revista de Vinhos, which will be subject to evaluation by a jury of experts of various nationalities for the election of the Top 10.

The complete programme of the event, consisting of 50 parallel activities, ensures a highlight for wines with a lot of history, rare labels of inestimable value, and great novelties. In the gastronomic field, there will be chefs with Michelin stars and tapas pairings.

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